KVHC Green Initiatives

For more than 46 years KVHC has demonstrated a strong commitment to the health and wellbeing of the communities we serve. KVHC recognizes that emissions from the combustion of fossil fuels are polluting the atmosphere, changing the climate, and threatening our health, way of life, and environment. At KVHC we want to keep you and our planet healthy! The organization has intentionally included Green elements with all new builds and renovation projects. Here are a few other ways that KVHC is incorporating Green elements into our daily operations.


KVHC facilities are being newly fitted or retrofitted with Wood Pellet Boilers, using locally sourced wood pellets (when possible). As backup to these boilers, we also use High Efficiency Propane Boilers at our facilities.


KVHC facilities are being newly fitted or retrofitted with High Efficiency LED Lighting Systems. These LED light systems use much less energy than incandescent or fluorescent bulbs, with a high light output. KVHC light systems are also fitted with Motion Sensors, shutting off the lights in empty rooms to save energy.


All new KVHC buildings are being fitted with High Efficiency Windows and Double Insulated Walls to cut down on heat loss and save on our heating costs.


KVHC’s heating systems are computer-controlled to lower the heat in the buildings during evening hours when our buildings are not in use, saving on our heating costs. During the fall and winter, our system pulls in outside air rather than using air-conditioning to achieve the proper building temperature.


KVHC Recycles! All of our cardboard is recycled, and all waste paper is shredded and recycled.