Careers at KVHC

At Katahdin Valley Health Center we strive to hire skilled staff members who have a passion for providing community accessible, quality healthcare with compassion and dignity. KVHC is an Equal Opportunity Employer who does not discriminate against any applicant based upon race, color, national origin, age, disability, gender, marital status, parental status, religion, political beliefs, veteran’s status, sexual orientation or physical handicap, unless related to a bonafide occupational qualification.

A Few Words from Our KVHC Team…


“I moved to Maine first, and then looked for where I should work, which is the opposite of what most physicians do. There were a number of opportunities available to me. I chose KVHC because their mission of providing the community with accessible, and compassionate healthcare matched mine. I also had received a recommendation from a patient that I should consider KVHC. But I first tested their organization’s mission by presenting myself to the front desk at one of their sites to see how I would be received. I have learned that quality and compassionate care begins at the front desk and in the waiting room. I was pleasantly surprised when I was greeted by friendly staff who were competent to handle even an unusual situation. Over the past year of working here, I probably have tested the limits of our staff’s ability to “think outside the box” when caring for unusual patient situations. I continue to be impressed with my staff’s abilities and genuine interest in the welfare of our patients. It is truly a team effort that provides quality care for our community. So I have to say that the community and patients have kept me here, but also the people that I work with. I enjoy working at KVHC and am very satisfied that we are achieving our mission together.”
Rose Fuchs, M.D.


“I find my job very rewarding because I am able to help people each day. I know that my job allows me to make a difference in the lives of the patients I work with. I work with an amazing group of individuals who all strive to provide the best possible care to the patients we see. One of the many bonuses to working in rural Northern Maine is that the staff at KVHC are far more than just co-workers, we all work together as a team.”
Megan Day, Practice Manager


Each year individuals and families, young and old relocate to Maine for the benefits of the state’s safe towns and cities, good schools, welcoming communities, and recreational opportunities from the ocean to the mountains.