KVHC Pediatric Services

We offer Pediatric Services In: Houlton
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Children are not simply miniature adults. Their bodies are always undergoing developmental changes, and their health care needs are very different from adults. KVHC’s Pediatric Team specializes in treating the unique health care needs of people from birth to 21 years of age, and helping healthy children and teens stay healthy. Because young people’s minds and emotions are developing at the same time as their bodies, pediatricians pay attention to the whole child. They work with parents and sometimes school staff, acting as a guide in providing a child with the best possible care. Some of our pediatric services include:
Vaccines Well Child Visits
Ear Infections Behavioral Health
Developmental Milestones Hearing + Vision Care
Juvenile Diabetes Physical Activity
Asthma Nutrition and Childhood Obesity

KVHC accepts all patients and insurance types. We also accept MaineCare and uninsured patients. All are welcome!