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KVHC Podiatry Services

We offer Podiatry Services In: Patten, Houlton, Ashland, Brownville, Millinocket
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Feet are complex anatomical structures that help carry and support our entire body weight. Having healthy feet is fundamental to our overall health and well-being and it helps improve our quality of life. They also help prevent falls. When our feet hurt, our body hurts, and this affects our mobility which leads to a sedentary lifestyle. Our feet also alert us to early signs of more serious health issues like diabetes and poor circulation that could have serious health consequences. At Katahdin Valley Health Center our Podiatrist, Dr. Thao, Board Certified, American Board of Podiatric Medicine, provides medical care and treatment of our patient’s feet and ankles. Some of our Podiatry services include:
Heel pain Evaluated for custom orthotics and shoes
Plantar fasciitis Flat Foot
High arch foot Wounds care
Toenail fungus Toenail, Corn and Callus debridement
Pediatric Foot Plantar Wart
Ingrown toenail procedures Hammer toes
Bunions Morton’s neuroma
Athletes foot Ganglion cysts
Minor trauma including sprains and strains
of foot and ankle
Diabetic Foot Care and Education
Strapping and Padding Cortisone injections
Achilles tendonitis Foot surgery