Maine Breast and Cervical Health Program

Maine Breast and Cervical Health Program

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The Maine Breast and Cervical Health Program is a FREE program available to women aged 40 years or older who meet eligibility requirements. The program covers:
  • Breast Exams
  • Pap Tests
  • Pelvic Exams
  • Mammograms
  • Some limited diagnostic or follow-up services

KVHC participates in the Maine Breast and Cervical Health Program, so you can receive your exams and Pap tests at your local health center! The only service you would need to be referred outside of KVHC for would be your mammogram.

Early detection of cancer can be life-saving. In the US, the death rate of female breast cancer has been declining since 1989 thanks to improvements in early detection and treatment. Don’t wait – get checked today!

  • Must be a Maine resident woman aged 40 to 64 (or New Hampshire resident located within 15 miles of the Maine border)
  • Must have no health insurance, high deductible health insurance, or insurance that does not cover mammograms or Pap tests.
  • Women receiving Medicare Part B or MaineCare benefits are not eligible for MBCHP, as mammograms and Pap tests are covered under these programs.
  • Must meet the following income guidelines:
Persons in Family/Household Yearly Income Below:
1 $31,225
2 $42,275
3 $53,325
4 $64,375
5 $75,425
6 $86,475
7 $97,525
8 $108,575
Each Additional Person Add: $11,050