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MaineCare Health Insurance

kid_doctoring MaineCare is the name of Maine’s Medicaid Program; MaineCare is a federal and state funded program that pays the medical expenses for people who qualify. Our Eligibility Staff want to help make it affordable for everyone to get the medical care they need, our staff would be happy to assist you with the application process. Please contact a member of our Eligibility Department today for help at 1-866-366-5842 extension 425 or you can print off the application at the link below and return it to your local DHS office. Click Here to download and print off a MaineCare Application
MaineCare Income Guidelines
Children 18 years old or younger
Depending on the families income level, kids may be able to get free MaineCare or low-cost coverage through the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), formally called CubCare. MaineCare and CHIP provide the same health coverage, the only difference is that there is a monthly cost for CHIP. The cost for CHIP is between $8 and $64 per month, based on income level.
2019 Monthly Income Guidelines for Kids
Household Size Free MaineCare Low-Cost CHIP
1 $1,723 $2,265
2 $2,328 $3,061
3 $2,933 $3,856
4 $3,537 $4,651
5 $4,142 $5,446
for each additional household member add: $605 $796
MaineCare Expansion Income Guidelines
Thanks to MaineCare Expansion efforts in Maine, this new group is now available for MaineCare.
2019 Monthly Income Guidelines
Household Size Free MaineCare
1 $1,468
2 $1,983
3 $2,498
4 $3,013
for each additional household member add: $516
Young Adult MaineCare Income Guidelines
Young adults age 19 and 20 may be able to get free MaineCare coverage, based on household income. If a young adult is not claimed on their parent’s taxes, they may be able to apply for MaineCare using only their own income. Use the chart below to figure out if you can get MaineCare as a young adult.
2019 Monthly Income Guidelines
Household Size Free MaineCare
1 $1,712
2 $2,314
3 $2,915
4 $3,516
5 $4,117
for each additional household member add: $602
Frequently Asked Questions
What kind of income counts?
For wages, use the full amount, minus any pre-tax withholdings. For self-employed income, use the net income (after business expenses and taxes). Child support will not count against you, but alimony received will be included. There are many types of income, you should contact your local Department of Health and Human Services office if you have questions about what income will be used.
How do I apply?
You do not have to apply in person. You can print the application offline and mail to the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). Or, you can start your application online at My Maine Connection.
What’s covered?
Both Free MaineCare and Low-cost CHIP offer the same health benefits. They include nearly all health services including doctor’s visits, hospital care, prescription drugs, physical therapy, mental health services, and much more!
Can I get old medical bills paid?
Parents and kids who are eligible for free MaineCare can get medical bills paid back to 3 months before the application. Kids eligible for Low-cost CHIP can get medical bills paid back to the first day of the month of their application. To get back bills paid, you must have been eligible for MaineCare or CHIP at the time you received the services.
What if my income is too high for MaineCare?
Even if household income is over the limit for MaineCare, children with severe disabilities may qualify for full MaineCare coverage through the Katie Beckett Program. This program offers all standard MaineCare services. MaineCare should also offer “Medically Needy” coverage to adults and children, even if they are not severely disabled. This is also called the “Spend Down or Deductible” program. Basically, if your medical bills go over a certain amount during a six month period (usually), you will then qualify for MaineCare.
If you have any questions please contact our Eligibility Staff at 1-866-366-5842 extension 425