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KVHC Rehabilitative Services

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Do you have back pain?
KVHC Chiropractic Care

We offer Chiropractic Services In: Patten, Houlton, Millinocket, and Brownville
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Meet Our Chiropractors

Ronald Ouellette, DC, CCAC
Brendan Hurley, DC
Thomas Vanidestine, DC

Benefits of Chiropractic Care and Acupuncture
  • Powerful pain relief
  • Treats the causes of pain, not the symptoms
  • Drug-free pain management
  • Help for chronic conditions
  • Provides options for cancer patients
  • Non-invasive treatment option
  • Can boost your immune system
  • Improves mental health
  • Increases energy levels

Did you know that your spine and your nervous system are very closely related, and misalignment of your spine can cause issues such as back pain, neck pain, pain in the joints of your arms and legs, and constant headaches? Chiropractic care diagnoses nervous system disorders due to these misalignments, and offers treatment via manual adjustment and manipulation of your spine. We also offer acupuncture services in select locations.Acupuncture is a technique where thin needles are used to stimulate specific points on the body. Acupuncture is a relatively pain-free procedure that can sometimes ease chronic pain, relieve symptoms of depression, treat headaches, and more. Are you ready to have a more pain-free life?


KVHC Therapeutic Massage

We offer Massage Services In: Patten, Houlton, and Millinocket
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Meet Our Massage Therapists

Holly Todd, LMT
Therapeutic Massage
Linda Depew, LMT
Therapeutic Massage
Stacy Foehrenbach, LMT
Therapeutic Massage
Benefits of Therapeutic Massage
  • Relieves muscle tension, stiffness, and muscle spasms
  • Increases joint/limb flexibility and range of motion
  • Relieves tension headaches and eye strain
  • Reduces pain and swelling related to injuries
  • Promotes faster healing of pulled muscles and sprains
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Promotes deeper and easier breathing

  Massage therapy is the manipulation of your muscles and body tissue to improve blood flow, reduce muscle tension, and to reduce stress and pain. Are you ready to have a pain-free and stress-free life? Experience our hands on care today.

KVHC Physical Therapy

We offer Physical Therapy Services In: Patten, and Millinocket
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Meet Our Physical Therapist

Ross Levesque, DPT
Physical Therapy
Our Physical Therapy Team works with you to preserve, restore, and enhance movement and physical function. We utilize therapeutic exercise, assistive devices, massage, patient education, and training to help improve your quality of life. Physical Therapy can:

Relieve Pain Improve movement or ability
Prevent or recover from a sports injury Aid rehab after a stroke, accident, injury, or surgery
Help you work on balance to prevent a slip or fall Help manage a chronic illness like diabetes, heart disease, or arthritis
Aid in recovery after giving birth Help to control the bowels or bladder
Help you adapt to an artificial limb Teach you to use assistive devices like a walker or cane
Assist when you need a splint or brace


KVHC Pain Management

We offer Pain Management Services In: Millinocket
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Meet Our Pain Management Specialists

Darci Bubar, APRN-CNP
Benefits of Pain Management
  • Decrease Pain
  • Improve range of motion and function
  • Improves quality of life

  Our Pain Management Specialist can help to manage your pain via:
  • a Holistic Wellness approach
  • Joint injections
  • Trigger Point injections
  • Epidural steroid injection
  • Alternative recommendations